About Us


Socrates once said, “I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” We at Consulligent are inspired by this adage and constantly endeavour  to bridge the gap between the unknown and known. Consulligent helps design, deliver and implement learning solutions for corporations and enterprises, both large and small across geographies, and help them transition to a higher level of knowledge maturity therebyhelp bridge the gap between skill and performance.Working hand-in-hand, our consulting services helps create synergies betweenlearning, quality process reengineering and management of human capital, to deliver value, in both short and long run.



Consulligent boasts on a diverse founding team, who have a breadth of experience in Human Resource Management, running quality teams, managing technological interventions for process improvements, managing learning development and delivery.The team is carefully handpicked to ensure they are committed to the creed, Empowering Cooperative Growth.We ideate, distribute and manage enriching  and engaging digital content across traditional and new age  platforms, devices and formats.


Our vision is to continue our efforts and map it onto a global scale with custom solutions that will deliver return on investment for every penny invested by our clients, both in the short and long run. It is our constant http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/ endeavor to make success of every relationship we have with our stakeholders. We cater to a global clientele from verticals spanning Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Professional Services.