• Consulligent is a  global learning solutions consultancy .We ideate, distribute and manage enriching  and engaging digital content across traditional and new age  platforms, devices and formats. We love to solve business problems with our solutions.  We at Consulligent are inspired by this adage and constantly endeavour to bridge the gap between the unknown and known. Consulligent helps design, deliver and implement learning solutions for corporations and enterprises, both large and small across geographies, and help them transition to a higher level of knowledge maturity therebyhelp bridge the gap between skill and performance.

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  • Consulligent is a  global learning solutions consultancy .We ideate, distribute and manage enriching  and engaging digital content across traditional and new age  platforms, devices and formats. We love to solve business problems with our solutions. 

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"I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing" - Socrates


Consulligent helps create learning content that is highly engaging, enriching and interactive. We help hundreds of organizations of all sizes and across diverse industries having diverse needs from building simulation based e-learning to engaging scenario-based software module training and more. Our collaborative approach helps us bring together ideas and sound learning principles, and helps create a long term sustainable roadmap for our clients to cater to their ever changing needs with varying budgets and technologies.The team has hands on working experience of working in variety of web enabled content, web portals, content management systems, sharepoint and joomla based portal.

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Consulligentoffers a variety of learning and content services spread across the following core areas

  • Custom Content Development and CoE
  • Content Aggregation and Conversion
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Learning Technology Consulting
  • Learning Strategy Consulting

We specialize in custom application development, application maintenance and IT Consultancy including pre-sales support. We work on JAVA, PHP, MICROSOFT Technologies, Android, iOS and all web based front end technologies Our web innovation team has deep expertise in developing custom enterprise web applications to our clients specifications. We work with Java/ J2EE, PHP, MICROSOFT Technologies, Web Services and Databases. The team also has very good knowledge on a number of industry standard frameworks. We develop products that enable our clients to rapidly and efficiently conduct their business of delivering their services through IT enabled applications via web based, native android and native iOS interfaces

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Quality Assurance is a specialized area in any services and product companies, however an area which often gets neglected or does not get its due attention as companies try to focus on there 'sweet spots'. Quality Assurance is an integral and critical phase of any software and/or development project. Developers and testers must ensure that newly developed products or product enhancements meet all the requirements, including the stress and load factor and are able to operate consistently at high loads. The risks of releasing a product that is not yet ready are greater now than ever before because of the change in expectations and demands of the end users and the competition that we all work against. Not focusing on quality is suicidal.

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Partnering with Consulligent will help you gain competitive advantage in the following areas:

  • Quality Process Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Process Design and Re-engineering
  • Performance Testing
  • Total Quality Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. The terms "Human Resource Management" and "Human Resources (HR)" have largely replaced the term "Personnel Management" as a description of the processes involved in managing people in organizations. In simple sense, HRM means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement.

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Utopian Sunrise offers variety of HR Management services spread across the following HR Towers

  • Workflow intelligence
  • Learning
  • Organization Development
  • Performance Management 
  • HR Administration

In an age of hyper connectivity and globalization as the world becomes smaller and smaller and tools like the Internet of things open us up to an intermingling of cultures, there are still significant differences between various geographic regions, the most important of which is the barrier of Language. For an organization to be truly global in its outreach, both internal to its employees and external to its customer audience, we can but only emphasize the importance of localization.

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Our eLearning translation services include:

  • Localization and adaptation of online and interactive content
  • Graphics localization
  • Assessment and quiz localization
  • Script transcription and translation
  • Professional studio voice-over recording using native speaking talent


Consulligent boasts on a diverse founding team, who have a breadth of experience in Human Resource Management, running quality teams, managing technological interventions for process improvements, managing learning development and delivery.

The team is carefully handpicked to ensure they are committed to the creed, Empowering Cooperative Growth.

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Consulligent is a global learning solutions consultancy .We ideate, distribute and manage enriching and engaging digital content across traditional and new age platforms, devices and formats. We love to solve business problems with our solutions.

Our vision is to continue our efforts and map it onto a global scale with custom solutions that will deliver return on investment for every penny invested by our clients, both in the short and long run. It is our constant endeavor to make success of every relationship we have with our stakeholders. We cater to a global clientele from verticals spanning Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Professional Services.

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